This blog post is in response to a thread in started by a poster, “Physician.” In this thread Physician described a possible new way to perform magnet implants using blunt fluid dissection. The following is me trying to perform the method Physician described. This is a trial of blunt…

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The very first sound amplification systems were nothing more than a re-purposing of the horn. The horns use predates recorded history; it was used not only to produce music but also as a means of communication in both agriculture and military endeavors. Horns increase volume via two mechanisms. The first…

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The USA and the USSR were original signatories of the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963, prohibiting the majority of nuclear weapon detonation tests. Gagarin had made the first orbital flight a mere two years prior and the potential of space was of foremost consideration. The treaty specifically forbade detonation…

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