Atom Adhesive Samples


Update 11/05/15

I’ve made two more attempts at working with this resin.

Sample 1: Resin mixed and allowed to cure for 24 hours at around 40 degrees F.

Result: Lots of bubbles and poor curing

Sample 2: Resin mixed and allowed to cure for 5 days at 130 degrees F, then for an additional day at 40 degrees F.

Result: A hard, glass like result with few to no imperfections.

Basically, with sample 2 I found that despite being held at 130 for 5 days the resin had cured entirely; however it seems to have cured overnight once removed. This resin doesn’t seem to cure at high temperatures. This process though produced a nicely cured molded shape that’s as clear as glass except for a single undesirable edge. The first sample, trying to just let the resin sit and cure in a cold room was a failure as it was full of bubbles and imperfections.

Next steps: Clean up and polish that top edge. I’m also going to do a warm saline bath for a loooong time to pull out any remaining solvents. Heat it more, cool it more, vaccuum chamber it etc.

I’ll also play additional samples in a few chemical sterilants to see how this stuff holds up. Also, autoclave it.







These are pictures of a slug of Atom Adhesive Resin being roughed in. The small size made it very difficult to work with and nothing like a glass finish was achieved. I’m going to make a small cabochon of this material next time to facilitate polishing. Another issue that was noted is a small area seems not to have crosslinked appropriately. I believe this can be remedied through vacuum and a longer baking time.



Immediately out of the Mold – and then apparently rolled in cat hair.



Most of the mold material sanded off



Some attempted polishing here.

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