Nickel - 10 Minutes

Nickel Exposure Test Series 2 Procedure: Testing was performed on one M31 TiN coated magnet and one M36 TiN coated magnet. One nickel coated magnet was used as a control. Units were immersed in a saturated solution of 10ml of 10% Ammonia and Dimethylglyoxime at 22.2 C. At each time…

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Nickel Exposure Testing Series 0 Nickel Identification Test Series 0 Testing was performed on nickel coated magnets to determine the efficacy of Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Bisulphate, and Ammonia with and without the addition of Sulfur, in identification of exposed Nickel. An additional test using a solution of Ammonia and Dimethylglyoxime…

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